"Dr. Snyder is very knowledgable and tells you exactly what's going on with your body. I'm very active and workout at the gym consistently throughout the week... My lower back and shoulder has been having issues, but after coming in for my first visit my pain has decreased dramatically! Phenomenal and professional doctor. If you want pain relief for your body, go see him!" JW


  • "Dr. Steve Snyder is great!  He is so knowledgeable about his practice and will provide you with numerous techniques to help make you whole again.  I went in barely able to walk without pain due to some inflammation in my hip and low back a few months back and Dr. Snyder spent a lot of time and attention on healing me and showing me exercises to do outside of his office so that the issue wouldn't come back.  After the first visit I felt great and felt almost back to normal after my second visit.  He has also continued to help me with my weak wrists and shows me exercises to do to help strengthen that.  
    Dr. Snyder's office staff are very friendly.  I have been to many Chiropractors in the past and Dr. Snyder really stands out.  He's an all around great guy and you can tell he is passionate about what he does and strives to make his patients feel their best."


"Dr. Snyder is wonderful! He has been treating my low back and neck and I feel much better, and am finally getting a good night's sleep. He is very professional and I like that he has tools that allow you to see the progress you have been making. I definitely recommend Dr. Snyder!" - CD


  • “Dr. Snyder is nothing short of brilliant.  In just a few sessions, he educated me on why I was having the symptoms and what I could do to change them.  Offered me a few new changes to my diet, supplements, and exercises. After only a few days of implementation, I feel much different and better. If you are looking for a relief in pain, stress, or what/why/how to make a change, he is your guy!” - MP


  • "Dr. Snyder provided me with almost instantaneous relief from my lower back pain and greatly improved my plantar fasciitis. I was not able to sleep, and I was feeling better in just a few sessions. He includes exercises, which make a huge difference. He and his staff radiate positive, welcoming energy.  I am so happy I found his practice." - EH


  • "I have battled back and neck pain for decades. I travel a lot and that can add to my pain and discomfort. I have been seeing Dr. Snyder for a little over a month and I am feeling and moving so much better. I am now able to get back to my workouts and stretching instead of feeling like I can't get out of bed. The best part id Dr. Snyder has a gentle approach as compared to other Chiropractors I have visited in the past. It is not about how many cracking sounds you can make, but rather a more minimal approach which is working wonders. I am also looking forward to getting a massage at Capstone on my next visit. This is a much better way to spend my healthcare dollars. Oh and on top of the great care, making an appointment is easy and the staff is so welcoming and accommodating to my busy schedule." - TT



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