“I went to see Dr. Snyder for an upper back and neck issue most likely due to rock climbing.  He was very knowledgeable about what might be causing me pain and discomfort. After a few treatments, the tension in my problem area started to feel better.  I'm very happy with his conservative approach and advice given on how to strengthen up my back and neck area to continue to do the things I enjoy. I'd highly recommend his practice to anyone.” SM


"Since starting sessions at Capstone, In am experiencing less neck pain and headaches. I am also sleeping better at night. Very Happy I started seeing Dr. Snyder!."


"Dr. Snyder is wonderful! He has been treating my low back and neck and I feel much better, and am finally getting a good night's sleep. He is very professional and I like that he has tools that allow you to see the progress you have been making. I definitely recommend Dr. Snyder!" - CD


"I've had constant migraines and neck pain since my accident in 2005. It has been over a month and 0 migraines and just minor pain from sitting at work all day that gets treated at the following appointment. Thank you =) "


"I have battled back and neck pain for decades. I travel a lot and that can add to my pain and discomfort. I have been seeing Dr. Snyder for a little over a month and I am feeling and moving so much better. I am now able to get back to my workouts and stretching instead of feeling like I can't get out of bed. The best part id Dr. Snyder has a gentle approach as compared to other Chiropractors I have visited in the past. It is not about how many cracking sounds you can make, but rather a more minimal approach which is working wonders. I am also looking forward to getting a massage at Capstone on my next visit. This is a much better way to spend my healthcare dollars. Oh and on top of the great care, making an appointment is easy and the staff is so welcoming and accommodating to my busy schedule." - TT


" I love this place and the people!! They’ve helped me with my headaches and neck issues so much. Very professional and easy to talk to. Highly recommend!" - ZJ



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