“I went to see Dr. Snyder for an upper back and neck issue most likely due to rock climbing.  He was very knowledgeable about what might be causing me pain and discomfort. After a few treatments, the tension in my problem area started to feel better.  I'm very happy with his conservative approach and advice given on how to strengthen up my back and neck area to continue to do the things I enjoy. I'd highly recommend his practice to anyone.” SM


"As a Crossfit Games athlete, my health is my life, and my body needs to feel close to 100% to be able to train 6-7 hours a day and have the capacity to compete with the best in the world. I have been to many, many chiropractors and physical therapists in my career. Dr Snyder is the first chiropractor to help my lingering injuries feel better in a very short amount of time. I have been dealing with a shoulder injury for 8 months and have seen countless people for treatment. Nothing has helped. Two sessions with Dr Snyder and I already feel significantly better and I am hopeful that this will no longer be something I have to worry about. I am so incredibly grateful to have found someone who I can trust to take care of my body. He is always available when you need him and he truly cares about you and your health. I can’t recommend him highly enough!" - SS


"Have had a great experience getting rid of the pains I've had. Starting with my foot going to the numbness of my shoulder. With nearly instant relief."


"I went to him with arm pain that several doctors had been unable to really help with for the last 8 months. After seeing Dr. Snyder for 3 weeks I no longer have arm pain. Dr. Snyder is a different kind of Chiro. His "adjustments" are not the crack your back kind. He really senses into the muscle and bone attachment and insertion points, tells you about why things aren't working, how to improve them and then moves them gently back where they belong. He is a Chiro who has also gotten certified in Nutrition, Activated stretching, Herbal treatments, Cranial work and more. He loves to do exercises with you from a more Martial Arts point of view while using essential oils on you to be more flexible and comfortable. His new office opened in February and currently, he is charging very little for an adjustment." - CH


"Coming to Capstone Chiropractic helped me avoid shoulder surgery, eliminate pain, & return to doing what I love - swim, bike, play sports. Thank you Dr. Snyder and Jeffrey."


"Dr. Snyder is very knowledgable and tells you exactly what's going on with your body. I'm very active and workout at the gym consistently throughout the week... My lower back and shoulder has been having issues, but after coming in for my first visit my pain has decreased dramatically! Phenomenal and professional doctor. If you want pain relief for your body, go see him!" - JW


"Have had a great experience getting rid of the pains I've had. Starting with my foot going to the numbness of my shoulder. With nearly instant relief."



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