"After months of a nagging hip issue that would cause me to limp after long runs, I saw Dr. Snyder for a functional movement screening and adjustment. The cutting edge technology his practice offers made it easy for me to visually see the issues in my posture/alignment and what he would be treating. After an adjustment, the functional movements immediately became easier (I could barely do a lunge before!). Also, he suggested I get my car aligned because where the hip pain was could be caused by driving with a misaligned car… little did he know I had just got my car realigned the week before and it was over 45 degrees off! He was spot on! I recommend Dr. Snyder and feel especially comfortable with him treating me being that he comes from a running background too." - KDA


After a bike accident, I went to see numerous doctors to see why I was having difficulty taking a deep breathe while competing. It took 1 week of treatment everyday to have me ready to compete in cycling and swimming races. I was without pain while breathing after less than a month!” AT


"I came to Dr. Snyder a about a month ago after a runner friend recommend him. He ran me through a few exercises and took notes. He explained to me the mechanical issues and the plan that he would recommend.for treatment. At each appointment he not only treats the symptoms but provides exercise for me to do to help prevent issues. He is very patient and caring.and wants to treat the symptoms not mask them. His staff is very friendly and caring also." TD


I was in a tough spot a few week ago following a lifting injury to my lower back. In a one hour session, Dr. Snyder had me walking upright and touching my toes pain free. As an athlete himself, Dr. Snyder is definitely the chiropractor to see for sports related injuries.” CE


Dr. Steven Snyder treatment has been very good compliment to my workout. He not only has provided excellent chiropractic care but has proactively helped to rehab my injured right knee. I am steadily building strength and increasing my balance. The massages are wonderful at this location, as well! Thank you Capstone Chiropractic!


"As a Crossfit Games athlete, my health is my life, and my body needs to feel close to 100% to be able to train 6-7 hours a day and have the capacity to compete with the best in the world. I have been to many, many chiropractors and physical therapists in my career. Dr Snyder is the first chiropractor to help my lingering injuries feel better in a very short amount of time. I have been dealing with a shoulder injury for 8 months and have seen countless people for treatment. Nothing has helped. Two sessions with Dr Snyder and I already feel significantly better and I am hopeful that this will no longer be something I have to worry about. I am so incredibly grateful to have found someone who I can trust to take care of my body. He is always available when you need him and he truly cares about you and your health. I can’t recommend him highly enough!" - SS


“I went to see Dr. Snyder for an upper back and neck issue most likely due to rock climbing.  He was very knowledgeable about what might be causing me pain and discomfort. After a few treatments, the tension in my problem area started to feel better.  I'm very happy with his conservative approach and advice given on how to strengthen up my back and neck area to continue to do the things I enjoy. I'd highly recommend his practice to anyone.” SM


"Dr. Snyder has helped me tremendously! His chiropractic methods have successfully eliminated my vertigo and allowed me to return to work and competitions right away. He takes the time needed to evaluate the core issue and treat it with multiple techniques. He is gentle with his corrections and uses targeted therapies. He has also rid me of hip and shoulder injuries, taking me from extreme pain to no pain in one visit! Again I was able return to triathlon training right away. I strongly recommend Dr. Steven Snyder, Capstone Chiropractic! I will be a loyal client. Thank you so much Dr. Snyder!" JJ


"They have taught me so much about the movement in my body, and really helped my sports injury. Best, I now have the tools I need to prevent getting hurt again. Thank you!" - BB



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