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Cox Technique

Flexion Distraction Technique

Cox Technique is hands-on spinal manipulation performed by a chiropractor. It is often called Flexion Distraction Technique for the movements that the doctor puts the patient through.


The goal is to help you go from "pain" to "no pain" as quickly as possible.


​Cox Flexion Distraction Technique has been found effective for treating many conditions causing low back and leg pain. In more modern research studies the technique is being found extremely effective treating neck and arm pain. It also reduces pain attributable to …

  • Disc herniation

  • Slipped discs

  • Ruptured disc

  • Facet syndrome

  • Spinal stenosis

  • Spondylolisthesis

  • Pain after back surgery

  • FBSS (failed back surgical syndrome)

  • Other conditions

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