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Patellar Tendonitis

Did you know that the patella is simply to allow for the knee to be able to produce more force in movement?​ The knee is primarily used during weight-bearing activities to transfer force to allow for quick and powerful movement.

Patellar tendonitis, aka jumper's knee, is a condition characterized by inflammation of your patellar tendon. This connects your kneecap (patella) to your shin bone (tibia). Patellar tendonitis weakens your patellar tendon and knee. If left untreated can lead to more problems.

Many people get patella tendonitis. It only requires weakness of the knee, hip, ankle , and/or back. However, people who participate in sports with a lot of jumping, running, or impact to the knee are at increased risk.


  • Pain around the kneecap

  • Pain in the knee while, walking, running, jumping, using stairs, and/or lifting objects

  • Pain behind the knee

  • Swelling of the knee

  • Redness of the knee cap

  • Tenderness of the knee

We take a very close look at the person's mechanics. Create a specific plan based on WHY the person is getting inflammation, pain, and scar tissue build up around the patella tendon. Then we work to fix the problem so that it is not likely to come back later.

How is patellar tendonitis treated?

  1. Stretching and strengthening

  2. Heat/Ice

  3. Chiropractic

  4. Physiotherapy

  5. OTC medications

  6. Bracing/Taping

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