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Scoliosis is a deformation in the normal spinal alignment. While most people when looked at from behind have straight spines, people with scoliosis do not. There are typically two types of scoliosis. Single curve changes. These look like C shape. Then there are those with a primary curve and secondary curve. These are seen as S shape changes in the spine.


Scoliosis has several causes ranging from trauma, restricted movement, to abnormal tension in the spinal chord. Most of the time an individual with scoliosis will present with no symptoms till children or teenagers start hitting growth spurts. In some cases, symptoms do not present until a person suffers a serious injury in adulthood.


While often asymptomatic, scoliosis makes a person more likely to experience pain, restricted movement, changes in nerve function, and even suffer from injuries. This is why screening and early treatment is so important for individuals with scoliosis.

​While bracing and exercise are common palliative treatments for scoliosis. Chiropractic can help by restoring normal movement to the joints that become excessively stressed and restricted.  Restoring the ability to move properly is especially helpful for children and teenagers that are active with sports. This lowers their risk for serious injury. In cases that are caught early enough, a normal curve  and movement of the spine can be restored.​​

Want to learn more about your or your child's scoliosis, book an appointment with us.

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