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Roughly 60% of people suffer from some form of headache(s).

There are many types of headaches the most common are cervicogenic. This means that the headaches come from injury, arthritis, or damage to the neck or upper mid back. Often times people who suffer from these headaches have a headache that gets worse throughout the day. These headaches are normally always in the same spot or side.

Often times cervicogenic is confused with tension or stress headaches. While they have similar symptoms the changes that take place in the body are very different. Cervicogenic is characteristically more joint(s) and nerve. A tension headache is more muscle and tendon.


The second most common are migraine headahce(s). There are many thoughts on what causes migraines. The symptoms can be very different from each person. Migraines stem from changes in the blood flow to the brain and/or irritation of different portions of the brain stem or upper spinal chord. People who experience migraines sometimes have what is called an aura or feeling that a headahce is coming on. These headaches often times shift location(s), affect vision, hearing, and can be accompanied by extreme nausea.

There are many other types of headahce(s). The good news is that most types of headaches can be helped with chiropractic care.​ In many cases, a person can experience less pain within minutes of being adjusted. 

We are hear to help call us to get relief of your headaches today!

Stress, Headache, Migraine, Capstone Chirpractic LLC, Dr. Snyder, Chiropractic
Stress, Headache, Migraine, Capstone Chirpractic LLC, Dr. Snyder, Chiropractic
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