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After Back Surgery: 3 great reasons to see a Chiropractor

Updated: Dec 3, 2020

Most people don’t go into back surgery without something seriously being wrong with their spine. We know that every last person wants their surgery to be a success, including the surgeon. But, there can be a lot of questions on what can be done to help you feel better quicker after surgery.

So why would you see a chiropractor after having back surgery?

  1. Many people who seek out chiropractic care after surgery have quicker recovery times. Why is this? By safely and quickly restoring movement the body is able to increase blood flow, reduce inflammation, and increase strength. This allows for quicker healing.

  2. Second, many research articles show that while surgery, chiropractic and physical therapy alone can provide good results. When these treatments are provided at the same time, research shows that patients have significantly better function and an easier return to their normal life.

  3. Last, and worst case, the surgery “does not work”. Unfortunately, no treatment is guaranteed 100%. Oftentimes people seek out chiropractic care after surgery because the pain, numbness, tingling, or burning sensations continue. Now this does not mean that the surgery actually did not work. It simply means that further treatment and/or correction are and were going to be needed.

So if you have had back surgery recently and are looking to have a quicker recovery, better longer lasting results, and/or reduce your pain after surgery adding chiropractic care to your recovery plan is for you.

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