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Top 3 Fixes for Sciatica

Do you know what sciatica is? This term gets thrown around a lot when referring to pain in the back. Many times it is used improperly. While many people think sciatica is a diagnosis it is not. Sciatica is a condition or group of conditions that cause back pain with additional symptoms down the buttock and/or leg.


The most common causes of sciatica are;

If you’re not treating the cause, then fixing sciatica becomes a process of trial and error. To ensure your success, it is very important to see a Chiropractor or Doctor prior to starting home treatment.

Top 3 Fixes

Chiropractic has been shown to outperform over-the-counter medication, physical therapy by itself, and other medical treatment in the majority of sciatica related pain. Many times seeing a chiropractor that incorporates physical therapy, massage or muscle work, along with adjustments and passive modalities, like electrical stim will have the best outcome. This multi-treatment approach helps get a person out of pain quickly.

Exercise is essential! Motion is lotion for the muscles, tendons, ligaments, and nerves of the body. Movement is how we get nutrients into the injured area and remove inflammation. Without getting proper stretching, movement, or strengthening the pain from sciatica or impact to your daily life can increase over time. Most exercise routines that aim to eliminate sciatica start with stretching and mobility. They will eventually progress to strength and coordination.

Lifestyle modification can lead to long term results and removal of sciatica. This means looking at your posture, the way you’re spending your time, and in some cases the things you’re eating. This may seem like common sense. Many times it just takes a reminder to try to make each moment something that leads to healthy habits and postures versus unhealthy habits.

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